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Collected Personal Information Items

[Items Collected for the Homepage Membership]- Required items: Name, ID, Password, Address, Contact (Telephone number, Mobilephone number)

- Optional items: E-mail, Mail reception yesor no, MMS, SNS, SMS reception yes or no

- The following information may beautomatically generated and collected during the process of using the serviceor the process of providing the service. : Service use history, access log,cookie, access IP information [Collection and Use of Personal Information]We use the collected personal information for the following purposes.

All information provided by the user will notbe used for any purpose other than that required for the purposes describedbelow and will be subject to prior agreement if the purpose of use is changed.

[Treatment information]

- Providing medical services for diagnosesand treatments, and hospital administrative services such as billing, receiptand refund


 [Homepage Member Information]

- Required information: Reservation ofappointments through the homepage, reservation inquiry and membership service

- Optional information: Providing smooth communicationchannels for MMS, SNS, SMS, e-mail news and notices, disease information,surveys, complaints, etc.


Retention and use period of personalinformation

We will destroy your personal informationwithout delay when the purpose of collecting or receiving the personalinformation is accomplished.

[Treatment information]

- Keep in accordance with medical recordkeeping standards specified in the Medical Law

[Homepage Member Information]

- When you withdraw from membership

However, even if the purpose of collecting orreceiving the purpose is achieved, you may retain your personal information ifit is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of theCommercial Act.


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Introducing Faceline
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