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Faceline’s Beautiful Jimin’s #REAL STORY
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    Smart Facial Contour

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    Real Story(Men)

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    Real Story(Women)

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    Smart Facial Contour

What is the standard of a beautiful face?
The answer to the completion of a beautiful face type that makes use of harmony and balance
Smart Facial Contouring Surgery

By precise and scientific analysis approach, individual 1: 1 personalized surgery plan is set up, and individual weakness of face is supplemented.
It is a facial contour of Faceline that completes the best surgical results by taking advantage of the inherent merits of the face.

Special Reasons
  • An independent surgical plan: Apply REAL method completed with 15 years of know-how of facial bone surgery
  • An independent surgical method: Non-elimination Lifting Cheekbone Reduction Surgery, Slim-fit Lower Jaw Body Surgery
  • Natural result without awkwardness
  • Less bleeding, faster recovery with minimal incision area
Faceline’s Smart Facial Contouring Surgery,
1. The surgery plan is different!!
Reduce the face just by looking at the bone?!
Pretty face! The change of actual face is important than the bone!
( Reverse Estimating Amount of Lessen )
Facial contouring surgery usually establishes a surgical plan based on bone (X-ray). This method is difficult to reflect the actual amount of facial change including soft tissues. REAL determines the amount of change in the actual face including the preoperative facial tissues, and then inversely estimates the amount of bone movement, the amount of elimination, the area of surgery, and the angle, thereby securing the disadvantage that different results are obtained It is the know-how of facial contouring surgery that only the face line that changes the actual face beautifully.
2. The surgery plan is different!!

One and only facial contouring to complete a beautiful face
Typical Surgical Methods of Smart Facial Contouring Surgery
Soft face line, anti-aging effect!
Non-elimination Cheekbone Reduction Surgery
It can reduce the sagging while reducing the cheekbone by moving the osteotomy piece inwards and backwards without removing the bone. It uses cheekbone's  posterosuperior movement technique to reduce the side cheekbone certainly without reducing the size of the face.
〈Surgery Method 〉
  • At 45 degrees cheekbone, the cheekbone is moved into the posterosuperior at the same time as the entire cheekbone is pushed inward without removing the bone.
  • The more it’s moved to posterosuperior, the greater the reduction of the 45 degree cheekbone. Cheekbone reduces more, but at 45 degrees cheekbones do not have any remaining skin, so the deflection of skin can be minimized.
  • Depending on the shape and size of the cheekbone, the angle of the 45 degree cheekbone osteotomy line, the amount of movement to the posterosuperior, and the amount of movement from the posterior to the inner side can be adjusted to achieve optimal results for each individual.
〈Core Technique〉
1. Minimal cheekbone removal
Delaminate a 45-degree cheekbone without delaminate the front cheekbone at all Reduced cheek sagging by minimizing delamination amount
2. Buccinator muscle upper fixation
Fixed up after surgery Skin on upper cheekbone goes up Expect anti-aging effect
3. Cheekbone repositioning
A split at the front and back of the cheekbone followed by a rear cheekbone and a side cheekbone Frontal face reduction effect
4. Rigid complex fixation
Enforce rigid complex fixation based on long-term surgical know-how
Completion of a young and beautiful jaw that is slim even in the frontal view!
Jaw Reduction Surgery
(Front effect jaw reduction+Slim-fit lower body reduction surgery)
Front effect jaw reduction
< Limitations of Existing Square Jaw Surgery >
Commonly referred to as square jaw surgery is the edge of the lower jaw, that is, surgery to remove only the angle of the mandibles, is the most common practice. However, the mandibular incision can improve the soft and slender lines of the lateral face after surgery, but the effect of slimming the face from the front is low.
< Faceline's Frontal Effect Jaw Reduction Surgery >
Faceline's Frontal Effect The Jaw Reduction Surgery keeps the soft angle and does not cut too much at the under-the-ears angle, it is trimmed with a natural jaw line, and the outermost layer of the bones of the jaw muscles is removed. Since the thickness of the bone itself and the volume of the attached jaw muscles are reduced together, the effect of reducing the face from the front can be seen, and the effect of reducing the width of the actual jaw can also be seen.
Slim-fit Lower Body Reduction Surgery

Young and pretty jaw that creates a baby face

The middle of the jaw line (Body, body part) can be said to be young and pretty chin. On the contrary, if you see the body part, it can become an element of aged looking face.
Slim-fit lower body reduction surgery is a chin reduction that cuts and polishes the mandibular body (body) and completes a natural and slender V-line at any angle.
<Surgical Methods and Advantages>
  • The entire chin is trimmed at a time from the ear corner to the lateral jaw line.
  • Trim smoothly without worry of secondary angle.
  • Reduces the side of the bone and 45 drawings, which is excellent for frontal face reduction.
  • Can be improved with a totally smooth jaw line.
  • Minimize the volume of the mandibular body and make it look younger and more beautiful.
Completion of sophisticated V-line jaw tip!!
Front Chin Surgery
If the jaw is wide and blunt / long
< T-osteotomy Surgical Method >
  • Can increase the change of chin line by large amount of bone movement
  • Able to adjust the length of jaw
  • Minimize skin sagging
  • Low risk of nerve damage
  • It can be applied even when the length of the jaw is short (it is possible to perform surgery for individual's face type)
If the length of chin is short /
protruded looking mouth due to small chin
Short Chin Surgery
Chin advancement surgery Moving the receded tip of chin The actual length from the neck to the tip of the chin is lengthened, and the neckline is also beautiful
Increase jaw size or position by implanting Gore-Tex or silicone implants Simply correct when the chin is not severely short
Lower jaw advancement surgery Applied when the lower teeth are too far behind the upper teeth and functional occlusion is difficult
The length of the face is short, convex, and smooth!
Smart Forehead Reduction Surgery
By reducing the length of the face by reducing the facial aspect of the face, while maintaining the hairline and hair of your own, the face improves into the ideal ratio.
MAIN POINT!! Diagonal Micro Incision

The incision is cut in an oblique line, and the biceps hair is alive. Over time, microscopic scars are concealed between the hair.
Why Smart Forehead Reduction Surgery?
Natural hairline without worrying about scars (No scar scalp fixation)
Reduction of forehead considering golden ratio of face (Reduce face length as much as possible)
1: 1 customized design that fits individual face
Detail View of
Smart Forehead Reduction Surgery 〉
3. Surgical results are different!!

Natural result as if it was original
4. Recovery is different!!
Faceline’s Main Facial Contouring Surgery!!

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